Our Vision

Our vision is of a Canadian landscape where there are Peer Support Workers present down to every community across the country assisting individuals with mental illness in dealing and coping with their maladies.  We see all Governments across Canada (Federal, Provincial) actively involved in the development of this network through funding positions for Peer Support Workers down to every health centre in every community.  We see a cohesiveness and organization of all entities and organizations in Peer Support across Canada, facilitating the institution of all programs and ensuring these are delivered in the most appropriate means necessary.  We see a widespread and continuous promotion of the benefits and necessity of Peer Support Workers in Mental Illness through a regular presence in all varieties of media - ensuring public awareness of every Canadian.

Our Mission

Peer Support Initiative is a new force on the horizon aimed at consolidating all organizations in Canada in the interest of maximizing the breadth and depth of services and awareness of the importance of Peer Support Workers in Mental Illness.  In working outwards we will rally and advocate for a diffuse, coordinated Peer Support Worker Network which enables easy access of all Canadians suffering from mental illness.  Our main foci are the following:
      • To lobby Governments and Corporations across Canada for their full support of this very necessary service.
      • To regularly communicate with all organizations working in the field of Peer Support for Mental Illness.
      • To develop a diffuse network of Peer Support Workers down to every community across Canada - in order to avail their services to every person suffering from mental illness.
      • To increase public awareness of the necessity of Peer Support Programs for Mental Illness across Canada.

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