About Our Director

Ross has a longstanding committment to excellence in everything he does.  This has enabled him to excel in athletics, academics and business.

He was diagnosed with mental illness in 2004 and has been hospitalized on four occasions ranging from 5 to 60 days.  During his stays in the hospital he was able to meet a great many people suffering with a myriad of conditions and through speaking extensively with them, to bring them a measure of comfort and wellness.  In his daily life, Ross lends a good amount of time to simply talking with people in order to help them to overcome their afflictions.  It is something he enjoys tremendously and believes there is much more call for this in the social system.  This is the role of a Peer Support Worker!

As the driving force behind The Peer Support Initiative, it is Ross' goal to bring every asset which has made him successful in all his other pursuits, to bring all factions necessary for appropriate action (Governments, Corporations, Peer Support Organizations, the general public) together.

Please see the attached profile for a more complete summary of Ross' accomplishments:

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Ross Harvey

Our Team

All our team members, wear many hats within our organization.  In addition every person who is and will work with us must have gone through a serious mental illness, whether that be depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or any other mental illness.  We see this as being one of the ways we can assist people having suffered with or suffering from mental illness towards living a great life.

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